Welcome to Trustworthy EHR

Coincident with HIMSS 2014, Trustworthy EHR is again launching its contributions to the improvement of patient care in the U.S. Our main area of interest and expertise is evaluating and improving the electronic patient care record at the bedside.

For clinicians, these can be challenging times. We know that these new systems are intended to help. It is Trustworthy’s purpose to capture that intent, and mapping it to the implementation of measurable improvements in the accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness for the purposes of patient care first.  It is Trustworthy’s assertion that all derivative benefits projected from HIT are enabled and strengthened by an effective patient care record.

We are all in this together both as actors and as intended beneficiaries as we experience changing times managing how our healthcare services industry provides care for our citizens, neighbors, our friends, families, and ourselves.

For a humorous approach to one of the drivers, the “Meaningful Use” Program, please see our YouTube video at

In the weeks and months ahead we will point to initiatives and peer-reviewed publications that point to how to navigate these times, aligning your patient care objectives with the often confusing and cross-purposes such as those represented by “Meaningful Use”.

Whatever systems you have in place, especially those in the hands of nurses, doctors, and other providers at the patient’s bedside, make sure they are trustworthy.

RDGelzer, MD, MPH
Trustworthy EHR, LLC
Newbury, NH and Philadelphia, PA