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Achieving confidence and peace of mind within the accelerating uptake of Health Information Technology is no small challenge. The forward path for each clinician and clinical organization will vary and will benefit from defining the path ahead and following it with purpose. This requires the discipline of focus on fundamentals of patient care success, not simply quality, within a dynamic environment striving for sustainability and growth. Thoughtful purpose, necessarily diminishes the sometimes distracting influences of short term trends and HIT community “noise”.

New, evolving, yet non-standardized and unregulated HIT is creating new and unique opportunities for both improving health care and for creating unintended consequences. While advising on HIT policy, HIT Standards, and task/data flow processes, tEHR works connecting potentials and capabilities to purpose through HIT systems assessments for identifying and mitigating anomalies. By these means we will individually and collectively speed achievement of health care transformation.

Today, and in the years ahead, as HIT standardization and certification move toward meaningful maturity, tEHR will provide systematic due-diligence in HIT uptake, use, and forward development to assure testable adherence to well-established records management requirements. Our priority is the safe, reliable, and trustworthy bedside record for patient care. All derived clinical and business functions, as well as aggregate community and population health functions are enabled from that point of care priority.

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Welcome to Trustworthy EHR

The United States of America, as a matter of policy, elected to install Health Information Technology known to be obsolete […]